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CARL BALITA does not only teach entrepreneurship, he lives it. He built an empire of businesses serving various fields – education, publishing, beauty and wellness, food, tourism, information technology and microfinance.  Even more amazing is these are all product of his innate creativity and his knack for continuous improvement. His business ventures provide the strongest evidence of his innovativeness.

He is owns ten (10) growing brands of enterprises. One of which is Dr. Carl Balita Review Center which became the most respected and one of the biggest brands of review center in the country.  He is a bestselling author whose books are number one and number in two in the National Bookstore sales list.  His recent book PROSPERITY is a Certified Bestseller.

He owns Quezon City’s biggest medical Spa, The LYF Center, along with Philippines first and only medical spa for kids.  Little Lambs Kiddie Spa was awarded as Best Spa for Kids in Asia by SpaAsia Awards.

Among his other businesses include: Mabuhay Philippines (a travel agency specializing in Medical Tourism); Ultimate Creatives (an IT company behind his interactive website www.carlbalita.com); Spotlight Artist Center (school for performing arts with partners Isay Alvarez and Robert Sena); DREAM Incorporated (a leading microfinance and training company helping thousands of micro-entrepreneurs in Metro Manila).  He also owns a cafe and a publishing and printing company; Andragogy Center Philippines, Inc. (a duly licensed CPE provider and training center).

He was movie producer of the first film about nursing, NARS, which starred Jennelyn Mercado, Coco Martin, Jodi Sta Maria, Agot Isidro, Jon Avila, among others.  He was also a record producer of the motivational album IDREAM, which compiles the most motivating songs by worldclass performers like Bituin Escalante, Isay Alvarez, Robert Sena, Jamie Rivera, Karylle, among others.  He also owns an online-directselling-networking company called Entrepinoyshop.

At the young age of 34, he became president of Quezon City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which during his term was elevated to the Hall of Fame of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Even the father of Philippine Franchising and Chairman emeritus of the Quezon City Chamber of Commerce commends Carl Balita’s entrepreneurial spirit, saying “[j]ust when you think you have seen the best from Carl, he amazes you with something even better.”